If you come down to the ‘Woods today…



If you come down to the ‘Woods today…


…you’ll find stereo floorstanding speakers intended for high quality music replay at home, with an emphasis on feeling intimately ‘live’.

Each pair are personally handmade, subtly individual, from a passion to make great looking speakers at an affordable price that are musically engaging.
Blackwoods can be purchased directly from this website through the contacts below – for only £650 a pair!

This combination of a wideband, wide dispersion paper coned driver with an upward firing Kapton ribbon tweeter and rear ported cabinet gives a convincing impression of live instruments and voices.

They excel with all genres of music where they can work with the tonal colour, dynamics and harmonic detail of real instruments, whether acoustic or amplified.

They have strong presence, projection and natural detail without ‘shout’. The overall priority in the design and tuning is to represent the signature characteristics of different instruments; the easier it is to imagine how the sound is formed then the musician’s articulation and performance become more obvious…

They won’t flatter poor recordings but can give exceptional results from good ones, needing amplifiers with minimum 15w to show their potential in a ‘normal’ room. Placement should be slightly toed-in about 1/4 metre from rear walls or 1/2 metre from corners, where they will give a deep bass foundation without booming.

Cabinet construction is with Birch ply and a composite driver mounting to achieve the tone and vitality in the sound. The speakers stand on an integrated, decoupled plinth in the base. Standard finish is smoked Walnut veneer, treated with Osmo Poly-X oil to a rich, soft patina and tactile enhancement of the real wood grain.

Frequency response: 45Hz – 24kHz
Dimensions: 195 x 280 x 925 mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 13.8kg each
Sensitivity: 86.5dB

Testimonials & Reviews

“I would just like to say I will be 61years old this year, I’ve been listening to music seriously since I was 11years old so I have heard my share of speakers and equipment over the years. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed my music collection as much as i do listening to the Blackwoods, I just can’t put into words the hours of enjoyment I get from these speakers. I just love the beautiful natural sound of the instruments”
Mr L Pugh, Billingham

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electricbeach is located in sunny Southend 10 minutes from the M25 – SS75SJ

Blackwoods are proudly developed from Frugal-horn DNA.

A wealth of information is available from their websites:
frugal-horn.com / wodendesign.com